10 Easy Ways to Get Your Life Together

Alright, I’ll admit it. I don’t actually have my life together. Do any of us, really? Probably not. But we can fake it until we make it, right? Over the past few years, I’ve been implementing a few easy changes in my everyday life that have helped me in many different ways – from improving my mental and physical health to having a cleaner home. Read on for my tips and tricks to get your life together! Or at least pretend like you do.

1. Drink. More. Water.

It’s obvious, right? We ALL need to drink more water. Prior to my New Year’s Resolution of 2013, I drank nothing all day every day except Mountain Dew. Now the thought of even having a sip of that fluorescent green sugar substance makes me gag. I had to cut soda out of my diet cold turkey for it to work. To make water more palatable, I started buying Crystal Light to flavor it. There are many zero calorie drink flavorers on the market today, so I’m sure there’s one for everyone. I also love to cut up a lemon and use half in a glass of ice water.

If you have trouble drinking water, consider buying a pretty water bottle to carry around. You can get one that has ounces marked on it, or mark them yourself. Then simply track throughout the day and try to hit your goals! You’ll look and feel better, I promise!

2. Take Off Your Makeup

I’m notoriously horrible at remembering to take my makeup off, so this one has been a challenge for me. But once I found my rhythm in a night routine I started to finally remember. Taking your makeup off will help keep your skin clear, which is a sure sign of someone who has their life together! It’ll also keep your pillowcases cleaner, and you won’t wake up with raccoon eyes in the morning.

3. Do The Dishes

Ugh, I know. But dirty dishes in the sink or on the counter are a clear indication that you do not have your life together! For a few weeks last year I loaded and ran the dishwasher every single night. I didn’t find it too hard to fill it up, because I added in things like my coffee pot or the microwave plate spinner thingy (you know).

Now that I’m working full time, I’m cooking less and don’t need to run it as often. Still, every single night before I go to bed I spend a few minutes loading the dishwasher up. This way I walk into the kitchen every morning to clean countertops. It really doesn’t take much time, and it’s quick and easy if you haven’t let things pile up. So put on your big girl pants and just do the dang dishes!

4. Make Your Bed

Make your bed clean bed

This one’s easy and takes only a minute. Every morning when you get out of bed, pull the sheets and comforter back. Arrange your pillows on top, and ta-da! Your room instantly looks cleaner. A cleaner bedroom leads to less anxiety for me and makes the space feel more zen. If anyone pops over and glances in the bedroom, they’ll definitely think you have your life together.

If your room still looks like a hurricane with the bed made, consider doing a major declutter. I created an easy 30 day declutter challenge to help you get started. The less stuff you have, the less you have to clean!

5. Create To Do Lists

If you have trouble keeping yourself on track, to do lists are perfect. I like to break larger tasks down into smaller, bite-sized ones that I know I can accomplish. For example, rather than “clean living room” I might put “wipe off coffee table, dust shelves, sweep floor, vacuum rug, mop floor” etc. This way as I complete each task I can check it off and feel accomplished. That helps me build momentum and I can tackle everything on my list!

6. Do Some Yoga

Yoga is great because you can make the practice whatever you want it to be. If you want to get fit you can go to a hot yoga class and sweat your buns off. Want to improve your flexibility? Grab a strap and some blocks and sink into and then hold some poses. If you want to relax you can put on some chill music and lay in child’s pose or corpse pose. I wrote a whole post about yoga, so start there if you’re new. Exercising releases endorphins, and you’ll feel so good about yourself after a session, I promise!

7. Learn a New Skill

Let’s face it, adults should know how to do a ton of stuff. It’s a bit overwhelming at first. Cooking, taxes, changing a tire, creating a budget…it’s a lot to learn! If you want to have your life together, you really should know how to at least prepare a decent meal. Spend some time learning how to cook one or two meals to perfection, and then move on to mastering a new skill. Once you have the basics down you can level up, and try something like calligraphy or handlettering! People who know calligraphy obviously have their lives together.

8. Make Enough Money

This is probably the hardest item to check off on this list. But if you’re eating ramen every night and can’t afford to grab drinks with your friends, do you really have your life together? I still haven’t fully accomplished this yet, but I’m working on it! Obviously getting a better paying job is no easy task, so I’ve recently fallen in love with the idea of side hustles. I started walking dogs on Rover last year and made up to $500 per month. If you start a side hustle, you can pay down your debt and then do the ultimate adult thing – open a savings account. You know you have your life together when you have a savings account!

9. Sunday Meal Prep

you'll get your life together if you meal prep lunch in jars

Once you’ve nailed a few easy dinner recipes, learn how to make big batches of them! Cook once on Sunday evening, and then portion the leftovers into containers to take into lunch for the week. Make a few meals so that you can switch things up throughout the week. You can even make ahead breakfasts so that your morning goes smoothly.

I’ve probably never felt like I had my life together more than the time I meal prepped everything for the week. I made 2 different lunches to switch between throughout the week, a big thing of oatmeal, and even a few iced coffees. I cut up extra fruits and veggies to have as snacks. It made my week SO much better! If you usually bring a frozen burrito in to work, your co-workers will be really impressed when you show up with a multi-course lunch. You’ll definitely look like you have your life together!

10. Get Enough Sleep

Finally, one of the best things you can do for your health and life in general is to get enough sleep. I used to stay up all night and operated on a weird 25 hour sleep cycle. When I started taking melatonin and going to bed at 10:30 every night my life literally changed overnight. I didn’t need to nap every day anymore, and I had so much more energy. The more energy you have, the more time you’ll have to tackle all the rest of this list! Your body, your mind, your home, and maybe even your wallet will thank you.

If you implement any of these easy changes in your life, please let me know how they go! I would love to hear what else you do to feel like you have your life together. After all, I’m still working on mine and need tips myself!

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