10 Activities to do on Sunday for a Productive Week

I love Sundays, and I always have. I know that Sundays signal going back to school or work the next day, but I can’t help it! To me, they are relaxing and enjoyable and I can get caught up on anything I’ve put off and feel productive. I even loved doing Sunday evening homework back in high school. These days, Sundays are for preparing myself for the coming work week. I don’t know about you, but after working all day I often don’t have the energy to get things done in the evening. That’s why I like to do these 10 Sunday activities for a productive week.

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Meal Prep

I’ve gone through a couple phases with meal prepping where I knocked it out of the park. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks…all ready to go! Usually, though, I’m not that great at it. Still, I like to prepare a large meal on Sundays that I can portion out and take to work for lunch throughout the week. Big batches of soup, sandwich filling (my favorite is chickpea “tuna” salad), or stir fries make for great leftovers. Washing and cutting up veggies will also help ensure they are eaten before going bad. You can even portion them into containers with hummus for ready-made snack packs!

Prepare the Coffee Maker

I’m often rushing around in the morning and love anything that will help me skip a few minutes. On Sunday night I like to rinse out the coffee pot, dump my reusable strainer, and fill the machine up so it’s ready to go in the morning. If you have a Kuerig or similar machine you can still save seconds by ensuring the water reservoir is full and popping in a fresh K-cup.

Do Laundry

While just a regular chore, I find doing laundry on Sunday very helpful for planning out my outfits for the week. Nothing worse than getting entirely ready in the morning and then realizing my black slacks are jumbled at the bottom of the hamper. I like to think about what my schedule is like for the week and ensure I have appropriate clothing for any meetings or day to day office wear. I also have pets, so lint rolling is a great time saver on Sunday! If you have your clothing dry cleaned, be sure to pick it all up on Sunday so you’re good to go for the week.

Light Exercise

I can make a million excuses throughout the week for why I don’t have time to exercise, but on lazy Sundays, those go right out the door. Along with me and my dog, as we often take extra long walks on Sundays, or go off-leash hiking, or to the dog park. The fresh air is good for both of us, and I get extra steps in as well. At home, I love to do yoga on Sundays. Even if it’s just for a few minutes before bed, I think finding the time to relax while keeping active is a great start for the rest of my week.


I find having lots of things around me very stressful. On Sundays, I often find myself gazing around at all my STUFF and feeling antsy about getting rid of it. Pretty much every week I go around and find items that I no longer need. Sometimes it’s just old mail, sometimes it’s clothing, sometimes it’s even books. You can drop items off at a charity shop if you have the time, or just load them into your trunk for a later drop-off. Either way, getting them out of sight will help calm you before the chaos of the week. And if you’ve read my 30 Day Declutter Challenge and felt overwhelmed, you can pick one or two items to do each Sunday!

And if you haven’t jumped on the decluttering train, be sure to check out the book that started it all! Plenty of time for reading on Sundays!


Along similar lines as decluttering, cleaning is also a necessary step for me on Sundays. Throughout the week we somehow amass great amounts of mail, dishes, and recycling that all pile up. I try to stay on top of things as well as I can, but often I use Sunday as my reset day for the week. I spend about an hour cleaning and tidying and start the week with a fresh slate and empty sink. To help make my life even easier I recently bought an iLife brand robot vacuum. I let it run while I’m doing the dishes and my floors are magically swept!

To Do List

If you use a planner, Sundays are great days to plan out your week. I haven’t made the leap into using one yet, so instead, I often write To Do lists. Every phone call I need to make, appointment I need to book, and library book I need to return gets written down. This sets me up to not forget anything important throughout the week. It also helps me mentally visual what my week looks like, so I can prepare myself for what I need to tackle.

And if you are the planner type, check out this cute and cheap one I found on Amazon! It’s already got cute images and designs, so if you’re not very creative (like me), you can just fill in the text part and then admire the pages!


Whether you make millions or live paycheck to paycheck, I think weekly budgeting is very important. I like to sit down on Sundays with a cup of coffee and go through all the bills we have due that week.

Coffee phone and laptop for budgeting Sunday activity

I don’t use any fancy software, and often I just write everything down on a scrap piece of paper. But knowing where we financially stand is important to me, because it gives me peace of mind throughout the week when any unexpected expense comes up. If I want to get a snack at work, I don’t have to wonder if we can afford it. Obviously, the more financially secure you are the less you need to worry about little expenses like that. But keeping track of your big expenses and knowing exactly where you stand can still help you throughout the week in case of a costly emergency.

Beauty Routine

When I was in middle school, I had Tyra Banks book Tyra’s Beauty Inside and Out.

Almost every single Sunday I would flip through it and get inspired to take better care of myself. Somehow that ritual stuck, and now I spend at least a little time on Sundays pampering myself. Doing my nails, using a sheet mask, applying eye cream, etc. These are things I don’t often have time for throughout the week, but love doing. Sundays are my “treat yo self” days when it comes to beauty!


Finally, most importantly, I like to relax on Sundays. It means different things depending on the weather or my mood, but often it involves reading. Sometimes I like to just sit outside. When I have a garden I imagine that may make its way into my Sunday relaxation time. If you’re into meditation, Sunday is a great day for a long session. And you can’t go wrong with Netflix and chill. Whatever your favorite relaxing activity, finding the time to do it on Sunday will help you tackle whatever the week throws at you!

What are your favorite Sunday activities to help you have a productive and calm week? Do you like to catch up on sleep or run for miles? Let me know!

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