How to Be an Adult in 20 Steps

How to be an adult in 20 steps Pinterest Pin

I often forget that I’m actually an adult. It’s not like I woke up one day and was magically one! It’s a process and it takes time. I’m not even sure if anyone ever *really* considers them an adult! But because we are expected to become one when we turn 18, or at the very latest when we graduate college, it’s something everyone has to do at some point. Below is a list of things that all adults should know how to do. You can get your life together later because these are just the basics. Read on to learn how to be an adult in 20 steps.

20 Steps to Becoming an Adult

  1. Create a great resume
  2. Secure reliable transportation
  3. Get a job
  4. Have a place of your own (even if it’s with roommates)
  5. Always be on time (plan ahead!)
  6. Don’t post everything on social media
  7. Pay someone to cut your hair (no more DIY)
  8. Learn how to shop for groceries, and not just pizza rolls
  9. Learn to cook
  10. Set up a cleaning routine or accept the fact that you suck at it and hire someone to clean once or twice a month (I recently accepted the fact that I suck at sweeping and bought a robot vacuum to do the job for me!)
  11. Do your own taxes or use a professional (no more asking Dad to do it for you)
  12. Put all your bills in your own name and pay them on time
  13. Create (and stick to!) a budget
  14. Track your credit score and work on improving it
  15. Set up a retirement plan (through work or separately)
  16. Open a savings account
  17. Track your period
  18. Learn how to say “no”
  19. Learn how to discuss your feelings and what you want
  20. And most importantly, work on being comfortable with who you are.

See, those aren’t so bad, right? Once you have set yourself on the path to trying all of these, you can work on improving at one or two of them at a time. As you get more experienced with cooking, for example, you can try out new recipes and then meal prep so you have food for the week. You can make sure you’re meeting your nutritional goals and that you’re healthy! But for now, it’s enough to just learn how to boil water for pasta and chop some veggies to roast. There, feel like an adult yet? Psst…me neither!

Tip: Bookmark this post or print it off so you can work your way down the list and check off items as you accomplish them!