Hi! I’m Amanda and welcome to my website. I created All Around Amanda with the motto of “Life, All Around” to help document my life as it currently stands. Over time, I’m sure the topics will shift as my life evolves.

As a recent law school graduate and new attorney, I have a lot of my plate. I’m trying to pay down my student loans, eat healthy, remain active, and stay sane. All with the lofty goal of helping make our planet a better place to live and leave our children. So, my interests include eating vegan, living as sustainability and cruelty-free as possible, pushing my body and mind with yoga, relaxing with books (and okay, YouTube and Netflix) and making and budgeting money. This website provides me a creative outlet and a way to bring all my interests together and share them with others. If you enjoy my content, please feel free to share it with others! 

Contact: allaroundamanda@gmail.com

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